Explore Downtown L.A. on New Year’s Eve

I woke up and it didn’t feel like New Year’s Eve to me because my husband and I had absolutely no plan. And it has been like that for… I don’t know how many years, lol. But just like usual, we always end up doing something, big or small.

We passed ideas back and fourth. My husband suggested Solvang because he knew I wanted to go there. But I don’t wanna go there on a whim because it’s like almost 3 hours drive. So, rejected! I didn’t want to go anywhere too far because it was already like 9am and we were still in our Pjs. We came so close to going to Disney Land, but we decided we didn’t want to go through the crowds and the longgggg waiting for rides.

By the time we left the house, it was already like a quarter past 11am. And we set Angeles National Forest as our destination on Google Map. We don’t really know what’s there but it looks pretty on the Internet. However, we weren’t quite sure with it so we changed our mind last minute to go to L.A. and because L.A. was only like 35 mins drive on NYE.


Since we would be arriving in L.A. during lunch time, we made our first stop to be the Grand Central Market. I LOVE the market vibe and the settings. It’s funny how people changed. When I was in Cambodia, I hated going to market. But now that I’m in the US, I love going to market. It reminds me of home. Except I feel bad when I think about those sellers who have to endure the heat and humidity inside markets in Cambodia. Hmmm. I hope one day, that will be solved.

IMG_4625 (1)

Anyway, so we walked around looking at different kinds of food and thinking which one we should try. Too many people walking and peeping over other people’s food. We did the same, actually. So we went with the longest line, which was at EGGSLUT!


The wait was like at least an hour that day. We got a cheeseburger and The Slut. I liked the cheeseburger. The buns are soft and airy, the meat is also soft and not dry, and together with an over-medium egg make the whole burger really juicy and flavorful. I want another one (º﹃º).  On the other hand, The Slut is really nothing special except that it’s in a cute glass jar. It’s basically a coddled egg over potato puree sprinkled with chives, and it comes with three slices of bread. To me, The Slut is overpriced compare to their cheeseburger.


After lunch, we started walking around.


And the first building we entered was the Bradbury Building. The inside looks way more interesting and mysterious than the outside.

IMG_4631 (1)

We walked around buildings, and then on Grand Ave to The Broad. But The Broad was closed that day :(. And here’s the sexy looking Walt Disney Concert Hall.

IMG_4166 (1)

I believed we walked over all allowable areas in the Walt Disney Concert Hall.

As we made our way to the Union Station, we came across the Olvera Street Market. And I loved the place instantly. The music, the people walking around, the vibrant colors of storefronts and items for sale, everything just made me feel, for a moment, like I wasn’t in CA.

I’d never been inside the Union Station. It’s actually really cool. It makes you want to jump on a train or a bus and just go…. wherever it takes you.


Last stop was the Little Tokyo. I’d been on E 1st street once for ramen but had no idea it was in the Little Tokyo. Everything looks so cute and delicious here.


And it’s dark and cold by the time we got back to our car. After over half a day of walking, we could eat everything. They had the countdown event around the City Hall, but we weren’t too excited to wait in the cold with the crowds for it. So we left and had soup at Boiling Point on the way home. We got home, showered, and spent the rest of 2018 in our cozy blanket watching Master Chef Khmer on YouTube.

And that was how we spent our New Year’s Eve. Very satisfying!

Happy 2019!!!

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