A Half Saturday in Solvang

So I finally got to check off my list, not a bucket list, just a regular list. Solvang, you are as beautiful in person as you are on Google image! It felt like I was walking around in a Disney themed town at least for awhile during the early morning when there were not many cars and many of the shops were still closed. Then brunch time came, people started coming in, and I had to watch out for cars.

Walking around, I noticed there are probably more inns than there are restaurants. I guess people probably like to spend the night as the town is maybe even more beautiful at night. It’s a small town in the valley surrounded by mountains and greenery, I can’t help but thinking about those small towns in Christmas movies. How I always fancy myself to live in one :D.

Here are some pictures my hubby and I snapped.



And we were in Copenhagen for a brief moment 🙂IMG_4751-min

Since time is so invaluable, there should be a giant clock tower in every city, don’t you think??IMG_4753-min

One of the many gift shopsIMG_4761-min

And of course, the classic windmill! There are two of them in town. But I didn’t take a picture of the other one because there was a couple siting and drinking on its balcony.IMG_4754-min

We left after lunch, which we had at Fresco Valley Cafe. The food was pretty good. We ordered French Dip and Seared Ahi Tuna Wrap. On a side note, they don’t serve fish until 11:30am.

To me, the highlight of the trip was when we made an impromptu stop at Ostrichland USA, which is about 7 minutes from Solvang on E Hwy 246 toward US-101. It was the first time I actually saw ostriches in real life. I also got to feed them, although I was so scared that they were gonna peck my hand that I asked my hubby to finish the job :D. I’m not proud of that!

And the best thing was we bought one ostrich egg home. Each egg weighs like 3 to 4 lb, the equivalent of 24 chicken eggs.

These are actually EMUsDSC_0311-min

And here are ostriches. I was told that they could eat up to 5lb of food a day.DSC_0333-min

Somewhere along US-101DSC_0350-min

That is a summary of our day trip to Solvang. We didn’t get to really explore the town as we should have, but we did enjoy this one day away from our city. Maybe we will find another opportunity to revisit this gorgeous town and these gorgeous birds.

Until next time!

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