Saying Goodbye to My First Job after College

I quit my job to do YouTube. Yup! Except my first video will not be up until the next 300 years! And I wish I could say I left my job to do blogging since I’m technically doing it right now. But I’ll probably starve to death before getting any pays at all. However, blogging is one of the fewest things that I knew I wanted to do even if I’ll never get paid for it. My only regret is that I didn’t keep up with my last blog site that I created a few years back. So I’m giving myself a second chance here.

Anyway, let’s get back to my quitting job business. When people tell us that they quit their jobs, we usually begin by asking why followed by a bunch of other questions/comments depending on how they answer the why question.

Before I get into that, let me just mention a little bit about the nature of my job. Up until two Thursdays ago, I had been a web developer for a small company doing contract work for another bigger company. I got my degree in Computer Science two and a half years ago and had been “working” since then. Although I’d been more than two years employed, the actual amount of work I’d done is probably only about a year worth of work if not less. Sounds like an ideal job, right? Yeah, it was somewhat nice. It would have been nicer if I had known what’s going on within the company. What did I mean by that?

Well, I got hired in September 2016 and was told to start on Thursday the 15th, a week after I signed all work/new-hire documents.  Wednesday evening, I got a call from my agent telling me that there was a problem with workspace had not been set up for me, and he told me to wait for his call on Monday regarding when my new start date would be. He didn’t call me, but I called him Monday evening and he didn’t have an answer for me because he couldn’t contact my new boss either. The first month went by with back and forth phone calls between me asking my agent if he had any updates and my agent telling me he would let me know the moment he heard anything from my boss. Then another two months went by with another one or two phone calls. Until around January that my agent contacted me with an update that my boss was in the process of finalizing the project that my future teammates and I would be working on. And we were brought onboard during March 2017. Hooray!!!

So why did I quit my job? The short answer is it’s time for me to move on. It had been a somewhat comfortable relationship; I really enjoyed my time working with my teammates who I’ve now considered friends. Yet it also gave me anxieties and self-doubts. But I needed that. I needed something to push me to call it quit. I didn’t just quit my job. I quit the whole web developing career. People have recommended me to give it another go at a different company since I’m still new in this field and I’d only been with one company. People have also said if I had worked with a different supervisor (my company structure was weird that I didn’t exactly know what his role was), I would have enjoyed my work better. It was really nice of them to try to tell me it wasn’t me who caused my own lack of enthusiasm on the job. But deep down I knew that was not true. My supervisor was probably the only person I’ve personally known who worked extremely hard. He was hard on me (and most of us) in the hope that I could gain the skill to excel on the job. But it was him who reminded me how much I didn’t enjoy the work. To be fair, I didn’t religiously hate my work. That’s what made it so difficult for me at first to decide whether or not to give it another try somewhere else. And it’s so tempting to hold on to a career that pays pretty good and sounds pretty good. The idea of not being able to take my family to dine at nice restaurants or buying gifts for them or treating myself and my hubby to some fancy activities (which is almost none) or donating to causes I care about really scares me. It was like back when we were in college all over again. But luckily I had decided to stop buying gifts for my family as my new year resolution. Sorry, family! So it’s time to move on!

I just love the phrase ‘it’s time to move on’. It’s so powerful. It can mean a million other things or it can mean nothing. People won’t question you. Will they? I always give people a thumbs-up when they tell me it’s time for them to move on :D.

And in my case if you asked what I am moving on to, I wouldn’t have an answer. I mean I have plans and I’ve been telling people about it, but I won’t do it again. I found out that my plan usually comes to fruition when I don’t tell people about it. So the advice that we should tell the world what we want to accomplish doesn’t work for me. But the one that says we should declare what we want to do to ourselves and not to others definitely works for me. And if that works for you too, yay, we’re in the same club! And don’t worry, when we’re successful, we can say whatever and people will take it as bible. For now whatever we say will just hurt people’s ears. So let’s remain calm. Namaste!

Naming something is pretty hard, don’t you think? I was gonna title this post ‘Saying Goodbye to My First Job after College annnd… My College Degree’, but then I thought to myself I didn’t throw away my degree. I’ll carry it with me my whole life. And I’m sure there will be opportunities where I can use it, one being maybe as a hand fan during Summer. Just kidding! See I was so stupid to study something I didn’t like and to have it end up not being used to its full utilization (English is my second language, so this sentence probably doesn’t make sense to you). What I want to say is that we might as well study music or something we enjoy since our career is probably going to be something totally different. Disclaimer: I have friends who graduated with me are doing awesome with their degrees, and I also know people who are struggling to find jobs with the degrees in fields they enjoyed at school. So you may agree with what I believe at your own cost.

I think I have taken this blog post off track, but there’s nothing else to write about it. I quit my job; I changed my career; I don’t have a solid goal; That’s that. Let’s move on!

Thank you for your time reading my nonsense. If you can relate, now we know we’re both not alone. If you cannot relate, now you know there exist a person with such situation in the universe. And I’m so happy to finally ship this blog post out to the cloud. Time to do some Yoga now. Namaste!

Until next time, take care!

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