Once Upon A Time On Oahu, Hawaii

          The moment I decided to quit my job, I had this idea of going away for a while. I knew I wanted to travel for a little bit before looking for a new job. And I knew I’d be due back in the states during July and August, so I didn’t want to go anywhere out of the country knowing I had a deadline to come back. In short, I had no plans. So what’s a better place to be than in Hawaii? So the plan was conceived. We wanted to stay there for two months and maybe look for some random jobs to help pay for expenses. We picked the date and booked our one-way tickets with Hawaiian Airline. By the way, Hawaiian Airline is awesome. The flight was very pleasant. During our ~5 hours flight, we got plenty of drinks and snacks and even a sandwich. Anyway, then I began the search for an apartment and failed because even short-term rental required a minimum stay of 3 months. The ones that allowed for two months stay cost more than what we would pay if we were to stay for 3 months. We ended up booking out stay with Airbnb. We only booked a month stay thinking that we could book another month later on and because the place we booked was only available for one month. And that was proven to be the right decision!

Diamond Head Crater view from the sky upon our arrival.

Since I left Cambodia, I’ve never ridden a moped. So I was very excited to do so in Hawaii. On the first day we arrived, we just walked to the moped rentals. In my imagination, we would cruise around Oahu all day long on the moped just like the images on the ads. As it always happens though, when I get too excited and think about something too much, it never turns into reality. It turned out the moped was not so convenient for us and it was a bit pricey as well for a monthly rental. But I’m glad it didn’t happen. Oahu is hot and rains a lot. I would definitely hate it having to ride the moped in the rain or in hot days. And I couldn’t imagine riding it to North Shore :D. That’s when I came to love buses. I put it as my reliable transportation on a job application, and that’s probably the reason I didn’t hear back from that job as MC said it. Haha. My wishful thinking of finding something to do temporarily on Oahu ended that day because I couldn’t answer questions like how long I intended to work there. So that’s when we decided to cut our stay to one month.

I’ll never get tired of Waikiki.

The place we stayed at was about an hour walking to Waikiki. So the first few days, all we did was to go to Waikiki. Everything in Waikiki is beautiful. The first hike we did was the Diamond Head Crater Hike. We were still taking it in the fact that we’re really in Hawaii living like half local and half tourist. Then I felt sick. We had to stay at home for two days. I felt better, then we did the Makapuu Lighthouse hike. Consequently, after the hike, we stayed home for another four days because I got worse and MC started getting sick also. No regret was felt. That only created a more memorable experience. And all the walking to a bus stop, waiting for a bus, running to a bus, and missing a bus added extra flavors to life and made it so different from my normal life. However, after a while, life with all those newly added flavors began to feel normal again. And all of a sudden but not so sudden, you miss your old life. And I miss home. That’s when I realized one thing about myself that as much as I’d like to travel, I don’t like to travel for too long at one time. And when I travel, I have to really be like a traveler. No more bullshitting about going away and finding something to do temporarily on a strange land. Be honest with ourselves is the key guys!

Here are just some pictures, see more on my Instagram :).

Makapuʻu Lookout
The Byodo-In Temple
Chinatown in Honolulu
Waikiki Beach Access

With MC working remotely half day every day and a bus taking forever to get to one location, we didn’t go to as many places as we should have for the amount of time we had, but we were pretty happy with what we had done and the time we had spent there. And during our last week there, our families flew over to join us for a few days. Since we’d been there a few weeks prior to their visits, we became their tour guides :D. Once they arrived, we rented a van. And I’m not gonna lie, it felt good to be back in a faster vehicle, stopping and leaving whenever we wanted. Nonetheless, I’d always enjoy our bus rides on Oahu; we had so many silly experiences with it that will always make us laugh.

Now it’s beginning to feel like a dream little by little. Without pictures and the bills that we just paid off as proofs, it almost doesn’t feel like we’d stayed there for a month at all. Things just happen so fast and are gone by so quickly. I’ve repeatedly made the mistake of letting things slip by without trying to treasure and reflect on it, I’m hoping and trying not to make that mistake again.

Thank you for reading :).

Best of luck & until next time!

2 thoughts on “Once Upon A Time On Oahu, Hawaii”

  1. Wow, Hawaii looks and sounds like an amazing place to explore, can’t believe you had a chance to be there for such an extended period of time, that would be a dream come true moment for me, well, maybe one day 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It definitely is. I couldn’t believe it myself either until we went ahead and did it. I strongly recommend Hawaii if you’re looking for relaxing destination. For Oahu, you don’t need a month to explore. I think 5-7 days is enough if you don’t have much time :).


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