Beautiful Lower Antelope Canyon

I just came back from a 5-day road trip to Las Vegas, Grand Canyon Skywalk, Antelope Canyon, and Grand Canyon National Park. The schedule was very tight and it was a lot of driving, so we didn’t get to see much of each place, by that I mean much of Antelope Canyon and Grand Canyon National Park. I’m neither Las Vegas nor Grand Canyon Skywalk fan, but it was on the itinerary and I had to perform my duty as a trip guide to my relatives who are visiting us from Australia. Anyway, for me, I think 5 days is probably only good for Grand Canyon National Park alone. Nevertheless, that’s not to say it wasn’t fun. It was fun. I got to see parts of Antelope Canyon and GCNP and enjoyed them both very much.


However, this post is only dedicated to Antelope Canyon because there’s something about it that I want to remember forever and share to the world. It is just so special. Even though I only saw the lower part, I’m sure the upper part is just as spectacular. Exploring the upper part and its nearby places are now on my bucket list :). So, we cannot enter the Antelope Canyon without a native Navajo guide. And according to the reviews online, your guide could make or break your experience. Some people didn’t really have a great experience there. We were lucky. We got a wonderful guide through Ken’s Tours. His name was Trevor. He took plenty of great pictures for us and answered all of our questions. He allowed us to stay for a good amount of time as long as we didn’t cause traffic to the group behind us. He also had a very good sense of humor. Before the tour, I was a bit concern that some of the things people mentioned in the bad reviews would happen to us. I was glad and grateful it didn’t.

We were also joined by a friendly couple from Austria. Right away, we sensed each other’s positive energy and were all chill. That’s definitely one big factor that led to us having a great experience. When we give off negative energy or sense others’ negative energy, it will change the way we see and feel about the whole thing. Keep in mind guys, when we are on vacation, just be chill. Don’t let yourself be bothered by things that don’t go your way or things that are different from your previous experience. Nothing will ever be the same. Nothing will ever be like home. The key is to embrace and be wowed by the awesomeness of newness.

I don’t have to explain how magical the Antelope Canyon is as you can see from the pictures. But there is absolutely a big difference between seeing it through the picture and with your own eyes. I can only show you bits and pieces. The real experience is for you to explore yourself. And I can say it’s so much better. Although, I imagined it would be harder to go to the lower canyon with toddlers or if you just recover from any sort of injuries because of the stairs and some narrow passageways. If I remember it correctly, there are 11 flights of stairs, 5 of which are downward. There are a few really steeps ones. However, as long as there’s no unbearable pain involved, the effort is well worth it.

lower canyon stairwell
The picture is not showing much, but I hope it should give some ideas on how those stairs look like.
eagle head
Eagle Head
lady in the wind
Lady in the Wind
arizona sunset
Arizona Sunset, taken by our guide, Trevor.
a seahorse
A Seahorse, also taken by Trevor.
the canyon exit
The canyon exit

Anyhow, I felt pain the moment I was told that the Navajo population is still living like a third world country without running water or electricity. Yet, there’s a big power plant nearby that provides power all the way to Los Angeles. And only the 8$ fee that you pay in addition to your tour fee goes to the Navajo reservation. I found this news to be really disturbing. Aside from that, it was a pleasantly memorable experience. I am happy with the time, money, and effort I spent there. And I’m very grateful for our tour guide, Trevor.

Thank you for reading :). And I hope the pictures will inspire you to visit the Antelope Canyon if you haven’t already.

Take care!

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