Since July 2019…

What have I been doing since July 2019? I know I haven’t written any post since. Vaguely, I remember quitting my job then went off to Hawaii for a month. Then there were several weeks of inactivity, then my relatives came to visit, we took a road trip to Grand Canyon. And that’s what my last post was about! Hmm…what happened next??

Oh, right. Then we went to New York, or I went to New York and had the greatest time with my long lost friend for two days before rejoining my relatives for the rest of my East Coast trip. And I remembered wanting to write about my experience in New York; apparently, I’ve never gotten to do that. Bummer! But I remember it being lively and energetic. I LOVED my exploration there. All the big cities I’ve been to, which is not a lot but still, NYC is the only city that I love! As a suburb and nature lover, I was surprise to find myself feeling that way toward NYC. And I’m dying to go back! I’m curious to see how I’d feel the second time around.

Oh, I almost forgot about my short stay in Philadelphia. I didn’t find much excitement there. But I appreciate its history; I was in awe walking around the  Independence Hall, seeing the Liberty Bell, being in the place where the Declaration of Independence was adopted and the Constitution was written; the thought of that just gave me chill! I was at the starting point of America! Who wouldn’t be excited?

Anyhow, I came back from the trip and drove my relatives around for several more days before seeing them off. But that was August! What else, what else? Then there was my friend’s son’s one-year birthday party. I got to catch up with my friends for a few hours, so that was nice!

So nothing interesting was done in September; but it’s my birth month, so it’s always special :d. I began working at a donut shop sometime around October. The job became available right when I needed to do something. Fast forward, there were birthdays, my sister’s, my sister-in-law’s, then my other sister’s and plus Thanksgiving party. Those were fun! Wait, somewhere in between the birthdays, I helped out at a college cultural event, that was also fun! There’s one more thing? Yes! We drove over 3 hours to Paso Robles and spent a night there in order to see the Field of Lights at Sensorio. The field was pretty, but going to that extent just to see the lights was probably not so worth it. But I enjoy being on the road  with my loved ones, so I didn’t mind that at all.

By the end of November, my head already started planing for the Cambodia trip, which took place in the last two weeks of December. That was the third trip I had taken since I left this beautiful country. I love America. My future is in America. But Cambodia will always remain as a part of me. Two countries, two cultures, two languages, in one heart! Wow! That came out so dramatic!

As always, the trip was fun and especially fun because I got to spend more time with my nieces, visited friends and relatives, and just travelled to more places than I did the last two times. Just recollecting those good times makes me sentimental. When I think about how I can’t get back those times, it makes me sad. I left Cambodia when my older niece was 1 and half and adorable, now she’s turning teen and annoying, just kidding! She’s still my lovely niece. But I’ve missed those period of her growing up. The many many conversations I could have had with her because she liked to ask many many questions when she was younger. Now the only time I hear from her is when she needs me to buy something for her. LOL. I know you will be laughing too if you’re reading this, Amy! And now my younger niece is 3 and LOVES to be in front of a camera. My heart just bursts with joy and sadness as I’m picturing this sweet little human being trying to convince me that it’s now the right time for her to use my sunscreen, and with her big little mouth ratting me out to her daddy (my brother) that I was crying before we left for the airport to see me and my hubby off. I’m overflowing with emotions whenever these thoughts occur.:( But I guess that’s life, the culprit!

Then January came and I started my very first job in the new field. And just like that, almost a third of 2020 has flown by! Oh, I forgot to write about how I got this job. Well, I may dedicate another post just talking about job as a sequel to my previous quitting-job post.

And now we all are in this dread of Covid-19 pandemic. When is it going to end? No one knows. But at least, we don’t have problems with toilet papers shortage anymore! We see concerns everywhere, and many memes and jokes have flooded the Internet and emerged in conversations. What’s interesting is that most people can be concerning and still find the situation funny at the same time. But that’s what keeps us going! And let’s hope that Summer will shorten the distance that we have been required to practice!

Take care!!!

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