How I Trick My Brain to Work Productively During Covid-19

Depending on where you are in the world, the number of days you have not left the house since the lockdown varies. Well, except for once a week groceries shopping and in my case visiting my parents-in-law or grabbing some of my favorite fast food such as In & Out burgers. With that clarification, my number is 67 days and still counting. I started working from home since March 10th, and by March 23rd, working from home is in full swing for my company. I don’t know how many of us are looking forward to the office setting. But I’m sure everyone misses the occasional face to face interactions.

I would say I am one of the fortunate people who are least affected by the lockdown. But I have to say I’m longing for dining out and traveling. Or maybe I’m unconsciously affected by it as I see myself trying to do something different everyday or almost everyday.

A few weeks ago, whenever I thought about work, I started to have this kind of anxiety that most of us get before doing something unpleasant like taking an exam. And that had made me stressed. But I didn’t want to fall into that dreadful feeling toward work as I once did, so I decided to find something that I could do to trick my brain (something I’ve heard we could do and always wanted to test).

I have a very nice co-worker who I like to talk to whenever I’m in the office. She’s very positive and funny. But since we started working from home, we became disconnected. So, I wanted to give myself that interactions we’d had before this all happened. Then, beginning two weeks ago, I made a commitment to send her a Hello message and had random chit chat with her whenever I can every weekday, just like what we would do if we were in the office. And It worked! I became more productive that week.

Then I thought to myself, maybe I could try adding something else, too. So, beginning last week, I started sending a Good Morning message to my friends through our Facebook messenger group chat every morning also. But I’m not gonna lie, it hasn’t been something I look forward to doing everyday yet. Most mornings I just felt sleepy and lazy. However, I always felt good after sending those messages even though most of them probably just ignore my messages or think something is wrong with me :D.

The third thing I just started doing a few days ago is that my husband and I would give each other a hug every 30 minutes. We both are working from home, and our desks are about 7 yards apart. So, every 30 minutes we would take turn walking toward each other’s desks. I would set a 30-minute timer after receiving a hug from him at my desk. When my timer goes off, I get up and stretch then walk to his desk and give him a very tight hug. This, consequently, also forces us to get up and walk every hour.

The hugging idea came to me when I was assigned to do a job that has been haunting me. I felt very unmotivated to do it. Then my husband came to my desk and gave me a hug after I told him about it. And bingo! I found a new trick to try. I went back to his desk, gave him a hug, and told me to get back to me 30 mins later. About an hour later, I felt more energized. I was able to concentrate on the work again. And that’s how I now believe that our brain can actually be tricked! I’m going to continue finding ways to trick it because I’m sure our brain is smart enough to not fall for the same tricks forever.

what about you guys? Any tricks or hobbies you start picking up during this Covid-19? I’d love to hear how your Cover-19 experiences have been like!

And yes, the struggle is real!

Thank you for reading. Take care!

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